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Education instead of fundamentalism


Peace Schools for Afghanistan

With the assistance of dedicated Afghan staff we are building, running and supporting peace schools, mother-child hospitals, basic health units, orphanages, workshops for the production of solar panels and many other projects in the Eastern provinces of Afghanistan and in refugee camps near the Afghan border. All projects are established with the peaceful future of the country in mind.

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Pulse magazine wrote:
Misery for the 'doomed orphans' of Pakistan floods

Quantara wrote:
Humanitarian Commitment in Afghanistan
"Keep out of the Way of Soldiers"

Current Concerns - the monthly journal of independent thought, ethical standards and moral responsibility wrote:

Fighting for peace with the weapons of literacy

One man’s commitment to the people of Afghanistan (more)

Our Partners:

Schools, societies, organizations, and charitable donors often assist our efforts with fantasy and energetical engagement, whether by tombola, food, awards, or cooperation and more. Thank you for any support!

Each cent is spent for Afghan children and mothers.

Account no.:
Kinderhilfe Afghanistan
Liga Bank Regensburg
BLZ 750 903 00

BIC Code: GENO DEF 1 M 05
I-BAN: DE 08 750 903 00000 132 500


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